Most of the ads can be managed through Display Advertising. We use tools to store the content, find the right website, and place the ads there. We can even monitor the performance of the ads in real time. This, and the sale and delivery of ads, all combined, makes handling things a little tricky.

How do we overcome the clutter?

Ad Operations. Ad Operations takes care of selling, serving, targeting, and reporting the performance of ads or ad campaigns. Ad Operations is also responsible for taking care of pricing, ad product creation and research, which is highly customizable, to suit the structure of each company.
We are the people who setup campaigns in an ad server, monitor delivery, optimize performance, provide reporting, work through implementation challenges, debug technical challenges, and we are the people that really make digital advertising work.

We at Digital Torus, enable you to efficiently analyze entire operations, and help identify opportunities to make the process more efficient, based on the requirement.


As the number of devices is rapidly growing in the market, it gets increasingly difficult each minute for businesses to get their message out to the right audience. At Digital Torus, we enable you to reach the right target audience, in the right platform, during the right time, at lightning speed. Be it Mobile or Laptop or Desktop, we have the most powerful tools available to help you reach the best target at the precise moments.

We have several metrics which allow us to measure our conversion rates and overall efficiency. While traditional advertising is still relevant, Online Display Marketing has taken the world of advertising by a storm, offering options and results out of proportion to what already exists. When the audience speaks the language of technology, nothing conveys our message to them louder than Display Advertising.
Everyone watches videos, but nobody likes ads, unless it’s something relevant, and incites curiosity. Tools like Trueview enable us to identify users, who would be interested to watch our ad content, leaving you the option of choosing what to pay for a view, and get the right audience at the right price.All advertising content has to be placed in the right website, in order to achieve maximum reach.

How do we do that?

Our ad servers host the content, however large the files are, and autimatically choose the websites based on the traffic, and place the ads in them. An entire campaign can be programmed, and can systematically target whom we want, and where we want.
In order to provide maximum return on investment for your campaigns, our online advertising network offers a set of highly innovative brains and highly efficient technology. Not just that; we also assist with almost everything that the internet can offer, to boost marketing.

Brand awareness, marketing campaigns and in all other related fields, we have our part to play, and we play good.


In order to run an organization like a well oiled machine, without hicups, a well managed data pool is important. It may be as simple as checking the cost-price and selling price at a grocery store, or a little more complex, like analyzing the product supply chain, logistics, lead-time for machines, assembly and packagine of the final product in a manufacturing industry. Collecting and storing data is not a major issue anymore. But assessing the data, and finding out which stats matter is a constant struggle

At Digital Torus, our inventory is always filled to the brim with insights for every available measure. The Data Management Platforms and Big Data handling tools at our disposal, combined with trained professionals, becomes a formidable tool in reporting. And it doesn’t end there; you can constantly keep an eye on your digital inventory in real-time, with customized and accurate tools. Our metrics enable you to understand the impact of your campaigns, as well as day to day tasks.


In age where data dominates every field, it is important to discover, monitor and interpret immense amounts of data in order to attain smooth functioning of any organization. Sure, we all have tons of data hoarded in our hard drives. But, to identify meaningful information from the pile, to assist with data-driven decision making, we need Analytics. Predictive analysis for forecasting trends, prescriptive analysis for remedial business measures, supply chain, SKUs, optimization, data modeling, and our Analytics team takes care of the whole lot; the list is endless

Our data changes with every new technology. Technology changes at a drastic pace, and sneaks up behind people when they least expect. But that doesn’t apply to us. We stay in the know of things, when it comes to anything digital. Managing a lot of data involves utilizing the best possible software and hardware available.
Digital Torus tends to set the bar high when it comes to Measurement, Analysis and Deployment of the most efficient digital marketing practices. In addition to the possession of the best tools, we also take pride in our talented team, which is our prime asset. We provide the human factor, in terms of both service and process, and by harnessing the power of technology, we provide our clients with world-class experience.